More than 1,000 families attend Demetrious Johnson charity Christmas party

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - On Sunday more than 1,000 kids and their families made a stop at the union station hotel for the 24th annual Demetrious Johnson Charitable Foundation Christmas party. Kids had some grub, a dance contest and you can't forget the gifts. Recipients like 6-year-old Aminah Taylor and Janae Burns were more than happy to show up.

"I'm going to dance today because I am a good dancer." Said Taylor

"It`s all about charity, plus I get to see all of my friends." Said Burns

Organizer Demetrious Johnson, sponsors and volunteers say it's a great way to give back.

"There are kids who are really suffering the families are suffering with all of the turmoil in our community kids can`t be kids and this event allows them to be kids.' said Johnson.

Not only did kids get gifts one family walked away with a new car from Joe K. Used Cars.

Demetrious Johnson Charitable Foundation

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