MSD explains foul odor in Dogtown

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - There's an odor in the air that has some Dogtown residents wondering where it's coming from.  The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District has the answer.  MSD is in the middle of a sewer project that crosses McCausland Avenue just south of I-64.

A company spokesman said the project is to blame for the smell, but work is expected to be finished Thursday.  Traffic on McCausland Ave is limited to one lane in each direction.

"We apologize for any inconvenience," said M.S.D. spokesman Lance LeComb.

The odor is coming from a process known as cured-in-place-pipe. LeComb said the smell comes from the process of adding a sleeve to the pipes.  The sleeve is expected to add life to the sewer pipes without requiring an excavation project that could take months or even years.

"We put a sleeve into a sewer pipe and then we expand that sleeve with hot air or hot water," explained LeComb. "There's resin imbedded in the sleeve, and once it comes in contact with high temperatures it starts to cure into place."

Bernie Boshans lives next to the project.  He noticed smells Tuesday morning.

"It was kind of a mixture you know of a lot of different odors," said Boshans.  "I don't think any of them are good."

LeComb said steps were being taken to try and minimize the odor.

"We are using vented sewer lids and flushing sewer lines," said LeComb.   He said the work is necessary to address sewer problems in the area.​

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