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Bevo Mill residents work to bring community together

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – People seem to be forgiving in the Bevo neighborhood.  A Bosnian woman who lives there has been charged for lying about an alleged hate crime attack.

Constance Cafazza also lives in the area.  Caafazza said about the woman, "It's not really the be all and end all of our community she's another person in our community we all make mistakes."

Just days earlier a Bosnian man was attacked and killed by four suspects armed with hammers. There have also been community meetings to talk about rising crime.

Constance Cafazza is doing more than being forgiving she's trying to be a bright light in the darkness.  She and her friends got together Monday evening to put a some joy of the Holiday’s on display in business windows in the Bevo area.

Cafazza said, "I think the community needs a lot of things like this right now people, when a tragedy happens, people focus on that so much and that's all they hear and that all they see is the tragedy.  There’s so much more to anywhere beside tragedy."

It's a small thing, spraying snow scenes onto windows. It won't change the world. It is important. It represents another step for these people in making their community a little bit better especially when times get tough.  Paula Zingrich is the owner of Peppers Grill and Bar.  Zingrich said, "It's important for us to get together and bond not just because of the news were getting but for the community."

Caitlin Lambert works in the Bevo area.  Lambert added, "I just want to say one thing, I think we all should work together and not hurt each other."  That may be a message for any neighborhood that wants to be great.

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