U.S. Supreme Court rejects Goodwin appeal before execution

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BONNE TERRE, MO (KPLR) - A Missouri death row inmate is just hours away from execution after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Paul Goodwin's appeal.

Paul Goodwin is scheduled to die at one minute after midnight.

He was convicted of killing a St. Louis County woman with a hammer.

The convicted killer's attorney is arguing her client is not competent to be executed because of mental and cognitive disabilities, but unless the governor or a court steps in, Goodwin will be executed shortly after midnight.

Joan Crott's was beaten to death with a hammer inside her St. Louis County home back in 1998.

Goodwin stayed in a nearby boarding home and had argued with Crott before and blamed her for his eviction from the boarding home.

Goodwin entered his victim`s house through an unlocked back door and tried to force her to engage in a sex act with him.

He shoved her down a flight of stairs, she landed on her basement`s concrete floor.

She was still alive.  Goodwin then took a hammer and struck Crott's several times on the back of her head.

The victim’s daughter plans on being in Bonne Terre tonight for the execution.

Goodwin`s attorney`s are also arguing that the Missouri Supreme Court made an error with how they evaluated Goodwin to met the standard for mental retardation.

And they are also making an appeal challenging the way the state carries out its executions.

That final argument has been rejected in recent death row cases here in Missouri.

This would be the tenth execution by the state this year.

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