Cardinals helping to strike out cancer

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - How would you like to sit behind home plate in the green seats at a card`s game and have all the food you could ever eat.  Or how about Hall of Famer Tony La Russa managing your child`s little league team. Or maybe you`d enjoy a chance to meet the St. Louis Cardinal All-Stars 2015.

Melody Yount/Manager of Communications says: We`re in the unique position where we have a relationship we have a relationship with the baseball team we can get together some really  unique items some really fantastic things that we can auction off and hopefully raise some money to fight the battle with cancer.

As manager of communications Melody Yount knows all about the Cardinals and she`s all too familiar with cancer. She`s fought it twice and survived.

Melody Yount says: It`s hard, it`s hard for everybody who goes through cancer. The Redbirds and all Major League Baseball teams have established a special web site this week offering fantastic items, including all the Cardinal giveaway promotions for 2015.

Melody Yount says: You don`t have to worry about making it to every game and get your ticket for every game you can bid on this and get all the promotion items for the season.

Money raised goes to cancer research.

Her fellow workers including her boss Brian Bartow were inspired by her two time fight against the disease.

Brian Bartow says: She didn`t let this change her in any way it made her even stronger.

Melody`s mother got involved making this quilt with colored ribbons for every kind of cancer, it will be included in one of the prize packages.

While her friends and loved ones learned how tough melody is in her battle she`s learned just how important those folks are in her life.

Melody Yount says: Life is so short it can go so fast it definitely is most precious.

In just two years the annual auction has collected a quarter of a million dollars for fighting cancer.