Snoop Dogg and other celebrities help raise money for St. Louis area mom battling breast cancer

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FLORISSANT, MO. (KPLR) – Sue Fulton a wife, mother of four and track coach was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer is past summer and says she's in the battle of her life. To help cope with the devastating news her family and friends decided to document her journey. According to Sue a spot was found in 2013, but she says she was told it was not a problem, one year later she's had 13 lymph nodes removed and chemo treatments. Fulton’s rap artist son Gerald Jr. known as Hitman Holla has also shared his mother’s story with fans and friends. As a result the $10,000 goal set for the fundraising site has passed $13,000. Sue has also received donations from celebrities like Snoop Dogg and athletes from across the country.

Fulton starts radiation therapy on December 30th.

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