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Suspect charged in jewelry store robbery

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OVERLAND, MO (KPLR) – A thief is now facing charges after he was caught on camera, stealing diamonds from a St. Louis County jewelry store.

You can see him on surveillance, walking into the Jewelry Exchange in Overland, wearing a printed white t-shirt, and blue jeans.  He goes to the counter, and asks to see a pair of 2-carat diamond studs with a $4,300 price tag.

Jewelry Exchange Store Manager Kim McCall says, “[The salesperson and customer] were talking about different backs you could get on them, he asked to see them again, so he handed them back, and the customer held them for a few minutes, and then he just ran.”

The man got away for the time being. McCall explains, “We have a lot of cameras here in the store, so we are always live, taking different shots from different angles, so we had a very good shot of him, so that definitely helped the police.”

After viewing the surveillance footage, Jewelry Exchange employees did notice something suspicious: the suspect never once touched the glass.  Customers usually touch the display case when they’re looking at jewelry.

But fingerprints proved unnecessary to identify 24 year-old Kelvin Ford as the suspect.  It turns out he was wanted for other crimes in St. Louis County.

Overland Police Captain David Pauluhn says, “His face was portrayed in a bulletin that went out, and that crossed our detective’s desk, for some similar type crimes, and she was able to put two and two together.  She put the photo lineup together and showed it to the clerk, and the management at the store.”

The Jewelry Exchange witnesses positively identified Ford.  Now, he’s charged with felony stealing.  McCall is grateful no one was hurt, and hopes the stolen earrings turn up soon.

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