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St. Louis County to use emergency funds to pay for Ferguson security bills

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CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) – County elected officials will vote Wednesday to ensure all the county police who have been working in Ferguson get their overtime checks. Taxpayers will have to cover $3.4 million dollars in costs because of Ferguson.

At Tuesday night's meeting National Guard troops were on hand but not needed, there were not any protests. The money for Ferguson is mainly for overtime for cops from August through November 20th.  There are also bills for things like rental equipment, supplies and protection apparel.

The county has $6 million dollar emergency fund and that's where the money will come from.  County Chief Operating Officer Garry Earls said, "The important thing now is to put the money in the right accounts so our checks will clear as we pay these police officers the pay they richly deserve."

A handful of people were on hand to complain about leadership in the county as well as racism and the need for more minority workers getting good paying jobs.  Another overtime bill from November 20th till now is still being totaled and that's expected to be another $1.6 million.

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