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Community involvement could help make Bevo Mill neighborhood safer

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The Bevo Mill neighborhood is the latest to be rocked by tragic events in a time when St. Louis is trying to heal as a whole.

The Central West End has had its fair share of violence but the community adopted the neighborhood ownership model group that has help bring the sense of community back to this area and other areas around St. Louis.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce says, “She`s seen crime go down in the Central West End and Tower Grove thanks to the adoption of this model.  This group doesn`t just offer you ways to meet your neighbors it`s based on three branches:

Citizens on patrol, neighbors patrolling the streets. These individuals are trained on identifying problems and when a crime is being committed.”

The second is victim support; trained neighbors offer treatment to victims of a crime by providing assistance and services.

And finally, court advocacy, this is where victims and witnesses of crime come together and residents can voice what they saw with prosecutors.

Bevo Mill has been a part of this group the last three years and NOM is inviting the Bosnian community to join forces with NOM so they can together help keep their streets safe.  If you would like more info on this group check them out here.

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