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Snapchat post leads to road rage arrest

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PARKER, CO – A Snapchat photo leads to an arrest for assault.

Police arrested a suspect Friday after his own daughter posted a picture on social media of him in attacking an 18-year-old after a traffic accident.

As rob low reports, Mason deal says he’s grateful his attacker has been found.

Not everything gets erased on Snapchat, as this single and so-important screenshot proves.

It shows a large man swinging at 18-year-old mason deal moments after the two were involved in a fender bender near Jordan Road and Bradbury Parkway, Saturday, November 8th.

Police said the suspect in this image is 43-year-old Steven Paula, clean-shaven by the time police booked him a week later.

(Mason Deal): “I find it a little bit convenient, especially during “No Shave November.”

Mason deal says he’s not surprised Paula shaved his beard, but he was surprised the suspect’s own daughter recorded the attack and posted it on Snapchat.

(Mason Deal): “Part of me feels bad for her for thinking that it was okay to post something like that on media.

And thinking it was funny, but at the same time I, I, she gave us everything we needed, and, you know, for that I’m grateful.”

(Mike Deal): “Social media is powerful thing.”

Mason’s dad, mike deal, feared police would never find his son’s attacker, but after the suspect’s own daughter posted the video, he says a friend of hers screen-grabbed this image and shared it with a friend of Mason’s.

It wasn’t long before Parker police had it.

(Mike Deal): “If we didn’t have that one image, we, we would be sitting here today wondering who did this.”

The attack initially left Mason with a black eye and a concussion, but he and his dad feel a whole lot better this week knowing Steven Paula was arrested thanks to his own daughter’s need to brag on social media.

(Mike Deal): “Incredibly fortunate for us; incredibly thoughtless and stupid to do that.”

(Rob Low, Reporter): “Suspect Steven Paula wasn’t home when we knocked on his door today.

Police say they can only charge him with misdemeanor assault.

They can’t charge him with a felony because he didn’t use a weapon and there is no permanent injury to the victim.

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