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Mercy Hospital sees 4 sets of mono-mono twins born

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – There are lots of names to describe newborns.

'Special,' says Christy Armstrong.

'Unique,' says Amanda Gale.

'Very special,' says Victoria Krull.

This midday meet-up was very special for these mono-mono moms at mercy hospital.

'Mono-Mono,' says Dr. Gilbert Webb, a Mercy Hospital specialist.  'That means Monochorionic-Monoamniotic.  One placenta and one sack.  So they share the same house and the same plumbing.'

Monoamnionic twins only occur in about one out of every 20-thousand pregnancies.

Mercy Hospital St. Louis and their high risk doctors who are part of Midwest maternal fetal medicine recently had four sets of Mono-Mono twins within six months.

Three fourths of the bundle of babies stopped by the hospital for a visit and a chance to check in with their doctor.

'Usually the eggs split at four to six days and they have separate sacks and separate placentas,' says Webb.  'So these guys decided they wanted to be two a little later in the game.'

Discerning who is who in the new duo can sometimes feel like a game of chance for these new moms.

'If I dress them separately I know who's who,' says Amanda Gale of her new babies Kinslee & Kylee.  'But when I dress them alike like today I had their bibs on.  But I took their bibs off.  So I had to look at their socks.  So I always have a backup plan.'

A back-up plan along with a backup group of Mono-Mono mom's for support is a one of a kind feeling.

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