Tense transition underway in St. Louis County Executive office

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CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) – At Tuesdays St. Louis County Council meeting Steve Stenger and Charlie Dooley seemed cordial to each other as they moved through the night’s agenda. FOX 2 spoke to Dooley about the Governor Jay Nixon's move with the National Guard and Ferguson. County officials also offered insight into the transition of the Dooley and Stenger administrations as Stenger announced his transition team.

"That`s the governors call I wasn`t confided in or asked my opinion, I think it’s premature.' said Dooley

At this point Dooley will leave office at the end of the year after more than 10 years in office. The 45 staff positions under Dooley will be re-filled with hires from Stenger’s group.

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