Hidden Valley ski preparing for a new season

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WILDWOOD, MO (KTVI) – The frigid cold this morning might put you in the mood for some skiing at Hidden Valley.

You would think temps in the teens would mean the ski resort in Wildwood would be making snow and getting ready to open early. But, that`s not the case.

When Hidden Valley does open for this year`s season, it will be the resort`s 32nd year in operation. There will be a new lift this year for beginners here. It will also be Hidden Valley`s third year after the resort`s major expansion where more skiing area was added along with renovations to the lodge and dining area.

General Manager Bill Brandes says the main thing that`s keeping him from making snow is the rain that is heading our way. He says he hopes to open sometime December 13th and 20th.

More: http://www.hiddenvalleyski.com/