Strong arm robbers get away with nothing

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WASHINGTON, MO (KPLR) – Thieves rob a Washington Missouri grandmother as she got ready to open her restaurant. It all happened after 6am on Monday morning. According to Wimpy`s restaurant owner Shelley Vollmer her 57-year- old mother was robbed while walking into the restaurant. Vollmer says two masked men ran from behind a dumpster and grabbed her mother`s purse, she struggled and after a few seconds she fell to the ground. Shelly says the robbers didn`t say a word but their actions spoke volumes. They also cleared out old leaves so the victim couldn`t hear them as they ran up from behind. At this point police say they believe the robbers were casing the restaurant beforehand. They`re also talking to witnesses who saw the pair run down 6th street moments after the crime. Police are advising business owners to open their stores in pairs if possible as a precaution.

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