Voter turnout maybe better than expected in St. Louis County

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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KPLR) – All indications are the weather has done little to slow down the voter turnout Tuesday.  At one polling place in Chesterfield, workers described it as "Presidential".

Election officials told News11 just yesterday they thought a good day would be 40-45% turnout, but if early indications are correct, those estimates will end up being quite low.

There have been several reports across the county of polling places running out of paper ballots.  Generally, the county expects about 10% paper ballot usage and they prepared for up to 15% for this election.

According to St. Louis County Director of Elections Rita Heard Days, people have been trending away from the electronic ballots and back toward paper.  Those locations that ran out have been resupplied with ballots being printed at the County Election headquarters and then sent via specially courier to the polling places in need.

Director Days tells News11 that while there have been a few small issues within St. Louis County, overall the troubles have been minor and few and far between.

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