Father back from Afghanistan surprises kids in school

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WILDWOOD, MO (KPLR) – Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Eisenberg might have touched down yesterday but today he sent spirits soaring.

'They just said, 'Do you recognize this picture?' 'Says Savannah Eisenberg, the surprised daughter.  'I said, 'Yes!''

The Air Force dad and his daughter had a long coming surprise lunch at Wildwood Middle School.

'The buildup and not really knowing exactly when I was going to be home,' says Lt. Col. Thomas Eisenberg, U.S. Air Force.  'I couldn't tell them when or anything other than it was going to be sometime before Thanksgiving.'

Eisenberg has been deployed overseas the last six months, flying missions in Afghanistan.

His unit literally flew their F-16 fighter jets home from Afghanistan, all the way to Alabama, landing yesterday.

'When we got closer to the due date they were excited to have some creative way to see dad,' says Trista Eisenberg.

'They requested it?' asks Patrick Clark.

'They requested to see dad in a cool way when he got home,' says Eisenberg.

So the man with the call sign "Mikey" was up for trying to surprise his son Spencer as well.

'Oh yeah I was surprised,' says Spencer Harmann, the surprised son.  'It was, I didn't expect it at all.  It was awesome.'

Awesome seems like a good adjective to describe today's lunch at Wildwood Middle School.

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