Captain Ron Johnson wants to improve race relations in the region

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)- As the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case nears, fears about the possible reaction are on the rise. Captain Ron Johnson sees it as a chance for the region to become a leader in healing long standing racial divides.

Several have witnessed Captain Johnson step between other law enforcement officers and protesters to ease tensions…They’ve also seen him shed tears talking about the turmoil in this region.

The Missouri Highway Patrol Captain has been at the forefront of the law enforcement response to the protests. He has walked a fine line trying to keep things peaceful, while also allowing the protesters to express their anger with a justice system they call unfair

Some of the protests have turned violent and there`s a big fear that the upcoming grand jury decision could spark more violence.

Captain Johnson says his goal will be to protect everyone including protesters and law enforcement officers.

His larger goal is improving race relations in the region.