Richmond Heights police on alert after string of robberies

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI)-A string of seven daylight burglaries in Richmond Heights escalated into violence when one suspect tried to run down a police officer. People are terrified in a neighborhood where they said they’ve always felt safe.

The most recent burglary happened on Edward Terrace. Three men were involved. A neighbor took a picture of one of the suspects.

Detective Sgt. Gerry Rohr of the Richmond Heights Police said, “They like to steal TV’s, small electronics, whatever’s handy.”

The three men, ages 18 to 25, have hit at least seven times. First, they make sure the residents have left their homes for work or school. Then they strike.

Resident Susanne Fritsch said, “(a) woman who lives by herself she was considering buying a gun. Yeah I mean it is scary and she’s lived here 50 years.”

Police were alerted to the most recent crime and arrived in time to see the burglars fleeing. Two of them got away on foot. They said a third one drove his vehicle towards a police officer who got out of the way just in time.

Rohr said, “I think he tried to go at the officer. We’re just lucky the officer was able to avoid the vehicle.”

Instead he heavily damaged a patrol car, breaking the driver’s window and crunching the car doors.

Folks are keeping a close eye on each other and their homes. Police said Maplewood detectives are looking at another three possible burglaries that maybe related to the ones in Richmond Heights.

Rohr said, “It makes you nervous when they elevate their activities to an assault of this magnitude”

Police were also worried because in one burglary the suspects stole a gun. Officers were advising people not to apprehend the suspects themselves but instead call police.

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