“Jane the Virgin” addresses abortion issue without pushing an agenda

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LOS ANGELES, CA (KPLR) -  The new CW show, "Jane The Virgin",  is being hailed by critics as charming and funny. But, it addresses a serious issue:  abortion.

Jane's first decision is, "Will she continue with the pregnancy?"  Nearly everyone in Jane's life has an opinion. "That's solved right away in the pilot.  She's going to have the baby. There's not too much of that back and forth.  I think more so it evolves too is she going to be part of this child's life, how much does she want to be part of this child's life being that it is for another family." said actress Gina Rodriguez.

But, the show doesn't push any agenda. "Because it is a Catholic family, but its not hitting you over the head with Catholicism, its not hitting you over the head with ethnicity. Its on the contrary this is her story and this is the roller coaster she's on.  Jump on one of the carts and see where it goes."said actress Gina Rodriguez.

Just after two episodes there's  good news about, "Jane the Virgin".  The CW Network has picked up the show for a full season.  You can see "Jane The Virgin" every Monday night at 9pm right on KPLR 11.

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