“Jane the Virgin” walks the line between comedy and drama

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A new CW show that hasn't even premiered yet already has created some impressive buzz. Maybe you've seen the promos for the new show with the quirky name, "Jane the Virgin."

The premise is wacky. A 20 something named Jane Villanueva is accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine gynecological exam.  Odd, but Gina says  brilliant and gives credit to the executive producer.

"I think for me ten pages into the script i was like Jennie Urman is brilliant.  She's a genius.  And she captured what i think is what has been so dificult to capture." said actress Gina Rodriguez. "About telling the first, second, third generation Latino story and it was really just her writing from the perspective of a woman and making Jane just kind of the every girl."

Some critics rolled their eyes when they heard the premise. But, the show is winning positive reviews.  I talked with Gina Rodriguez and the other actors on the set of Jane the Virgin in Los Angeles.

The show is a comedy and a drama.  The story of a young woman navigating her relationships with her single mother and religous grandmother who has put a heavy premium on virginity, ever since Jane was a little girl.

"Jane The Virgin" premiers Monday night at 11pm on KPLR 11.  That's not it's regular time.  It will normally air at 8 pm on Monday nights.  The show is pushed back tonight night because we've got the Rams on Monday night football tonight right here on KPLR 11.

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