“Ferguson October” protesters make presence felt in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -  Protesters staged a demonstration inside the Jones Dome during the Rams Monday Night Football Game. They purchased tickets and had seats in the higher sections of the stadium. Some displayed banners; one said "black lives matter." Football fans said there was little to no reaction.  There was no cheering and there was no booing.  Some said they didn't even see the display of banners.

Earlier one man was arrested in the rotunda of the St. Louis City Hall.  He was among some 75 people who demonstrated and make demands of city officials.  Those demand included body cameras for cops. City officials said they are making progress on changes in the city.

The mayor's chief of staff, Jeff Rainford, said, "They're talking about the same thing were talking about the same things our citizens are talking about."

But that wasn't good enough; protesters wanted immediate action and are now threatening to return in mass in two days.

In Webster Groves a fundraiser for democratic county executive candidate Steve Stenger turned into a protest target. About a dozen people were arrested; they were dragged away from the doors they had blocked. They wanted politicians who were inside to choose a side, tell protestors where they stand.

Rev. Audrey Hollis is the groups spokeswoman, "Let the people know face to face, I'm with you on these. We do need change we do need justice in North County and the city of St. Louis."

Before going into the fundraiser longtime environmental activist Kay Drey saluted protestors, she supports civil rights. In second grade she learned first-hand how painful discrimination can be. Drey said, "I was tied up to a tree in Clayton and they threw snowballs at me because I killed Christ because I'm Jewish."

Michael Brown Protest At Rams Game




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