Flash flooding washes out Troy Missouri businesses

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TROY, MO (KTVI) – Clean up is underway in Troy, Missouri where flash flooding hit hard on Wednesday night.

It happened in a matter of minutes, water rushing out of an overwhelmed draining ditch and then through as parking lot in front of two consignment shops. Finally water ripped through the shops themselves.

“It`s pretty bad. All of our carpets are soaking wet. We had floating shoes and bags, pictures are wet and boxes are just soaked through. It was a lot of damage that was done.” said Jasmine Monroe.

Next door, things were even worse.

“About four inches deep inside. Plus all the mud and we`ve had several things that have been ruined… the computer the printer the steamer, we steam all the clothes that come in, a little refrigerator and our microwave… so we have a lot of things to replace.” said Karen Walkenhorst.

The rain returned Thursday just as Troy was starting to get itself dried off.

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