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Branches down and power out in Fenton after storm

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -Thursday storms knocked out power and took down tree branches in a number of neighborhoods.  The Fenton area had a few spots with damage.

One tree branch crashed into a fence along Summit Rd.  One couple saw a tree branch fall just feet from their newly purchased pickup truck.
“One branch came down when the 1st round of storms came through,” said Ryan Moore.  “I moved it just it in time.  I just bought it and wouldn’t want to have any damage before I even made a payment.”
Moore’s fiancé said she saw heavy rain and hail in Festus and told Moore he better move the truck.
“We were lucky,” said Charity Lindner.
Ryan Murphy lost power to part of his house after a neighbor’s tree branch took down a power line running into Murphy’s house.
He said the power company told him to stay away from the downed line because it was still live.
“I stepped out front and saw the wire down and then I stepped in back and saw the tree hanging over the yard knocking most of the power off,” said Murphy.
As of Thursday night, he was still waiting for crews to repair his line.  He said the power company told him to expect a crew around 11pm. ​
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