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Better Business Bureau warns about company selling door-to-door steaks

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A new warning from the Better Business Bureau. If someone comes to your door with an amazing deal on meat products, proceed with caution.

An investigator with the Better Business Bureau says there’s an interesting connection between a now defunct business and a new company. When the BBB started looking at Missouri Steaks LLC, they discovered something rather curious.

“Missouri  Steaks is a brand new company, just 2 months old.   But, our concern is there is too much in common between Missouri steaks and MOKAN.” said Bill Smith.

The Maryland Heights location that once housed MOKAN Steaks was also home to Missouri Steaks LLC.   The phone numbers were the same and the owner of Missouri Steaks was once a sales rep for MOKAN Steaks.

“The gentleman  who is the owner was in fact, was a sales rep and in fact  registered  both the MOKAN and Missouri Steaks site. Our feeling is these operations are just too close.”  said Bill Smith.

MOKAN Steaks has an F grade with the BBB.   35 complaints have been filed against the now defunct company.    Consumers cited a couple of issues with MOKAN Steaks.

“They are selling meats using high pressure sales tactics, not giving refunds. You’re allowed in the state of Missouri and Illinois to cancel within three days. You need to be able to give a refund in that amount of time. They’re not doing that.” said Bill Smith.    ‘

The BBB started looking  at the connection after a local woman made a purchase.  Bill Smith says, “The gentleman who came to her door Identified himself as a representative of MOKAN, he gave her a MOKAN Receipt,  The steaks were marked MOKAN.”

The woman changed her mind later and wanted a refund. The owner of Missouri Steaks  LLC tells me he’s  willing to address complaints.  But, its possible a ‘rogue’ salesman could be peddling product without his knowledge.

So, if somebody coming around representing MOKAN be very careful.  If somebody’s coming around representing Missouri Steaks, even though they may not be one in the same, they seem to be tied very closely together.

Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau before you buy.  There are several home delivery food service businesses that are actually BBB accredited.

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