Starbucks drive for musical instruments for children underway

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - A place known for perking you up wants to make a play for your old musical instruments.

The 10th annual Starbucks music for lifelong achievement drive is running now through October 26th.

'There are 29 participating locations in the St. Louis area and donate those to a child in need,' says Chris Peimann, the Sheldon Director of Marketing and Publicity.  'So we will take those instruments and refurbish them if necessary and make any repairs and get them into schools and community music groups that need them.'

The Sheldon concert hall has been collaborating with the coffee company for the last ten years.

In that time they've collected more than one thousand instruments for schools and community music programs in the St. Louis region.

'It's been shown that kids who study music, whether it's a musical instrument or a vocal instrument, they are successful in so many other areas of life including math and science and engineering, language arts,' says Peimann.

And since music is a language that anyone can understand, it makes sense to go searching in the crooks and crevices of your home to help someone else.

'So many people have instruments that aren't being used, whether their kids took lessons or they took lessons or they've moved onto an adult sized instrument from a child sized instrument,' says Peimann.  'I think almost everyone I know has found an old clarinet or old tuba in their basement or their attic.'

And if your upstairs is touting a tuba that's unused, it only makes sense to get into the right hands for the future performers of tomorrow.

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