Investigators find similarities in recent jewelry store robberies

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TROY, MO (KPLR) – The owners of Lincoln County Jewelry is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of 2 men who stole over 13-thousand dollars worth of diamond earrings.

Since these pictures were shown on News 11 and word got out about the latest robbery in Troy, Numerous jewelers have been contacting each other asking how the thieves swipe their wanted merchandise.

According to Troy police, there are roughly 13 jurisdictions in the metro area that have reported similar instances.  The robbers usually take high end watches or diamond earrings.

Wednesday morning Troy detective Tony Stewart received a call from Columbia's police department comparing pictures of a robbery that happened about two hours before Lincoln County Jewrlry was hit Tuesday evening.

According to Stewart he believes a watch was stolen from the teller. The employee then tackles the three men and one of the men's red hat falls off as all three get away.

Two of the three men wearing the same clothing without the red hat were caught on surveillance video at Lincoln County Jewelry at 5:50 pm Tuesday evening wanting to trade a pair of diamond earrings.

When the teller went to look at the price on the back of the case of 10 diamond earrings the man in the black shirt swiped the whole case. The two men ran out to a 2013 or 2014 tan or gold Chevy Malibu with two other men inside and took off. The car did not have license plates.

Detective Stewart says that these type of robbery's have been happening as far south as Cape Girardeau and as far east as Springfield.

The vehicles the thieves are driving in these robbery's are usually a tan or gold Chevy Malibu, a dark Charger, or possibly a Nissan Altima according to detective Stewart.

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