Chiefs player penalized for prayer

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KANSAS CITY, MO (CNN) – The National Football League said referees should not have penalized a Kansas City Chiefs player for his Muslim prayer after he scored a touchdown in last night’s game against the New England Patriots.

Referees penalized Husain Abdullah, a Muslim, for going to his knees after he intercepted a Tom Brady pass and ran it back for a touchdown.

Many fans don’t agree with the penalty:

(Omar Calleros, Fan) “You definitely see some other celebrations with other religious backgrounds that haven’t been called back.”

(Doug, Fan) “How is it you can make an exception for Tim Tebow and it should be an exception for Hussein.”

Michael Signora, Vice President for the NFL, issued a clarifying statement via twitter today (Tuesday).

“Abdullah should not have been penalized. Officiating mechanic is not to flag a player who goes to ground for religious reasons.”

The chiefs beat the patriots 41-14.