Church gives donated items to those in need, starts “Love Movement”

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BELLFOUNTAINE NEIGHBORS, MO (KPLR) -With all the unrest in Ferguson the past seven weeks members of an area church set out to show people the world had only been getting part of the story about life in North County.

They started a new movement they called, "The Love Movement".

"I had stopped watching the news for a while because everything was just so sad, you know," said Elder Greg Yancy, of the Tribe of Judah Christian Church on Hwy. 367 in Bellefontaine Neighbors.

"We`re giving away everything," said another church member.

From clothing to housewares to hot dogs, he meant everything.

The church's planned yard sale became a straight up giveaway, Saturday.

Without a doubt the crisis in Ferguson had given rise to a movement about the power of protest, standing up and being heard.  Church members said their movement was even more powerful.

"We have what`s called a love movement right now.  We`re just showing as much love in any way possible that we can to anybody who`s ready to receive love," Yancy said.

Church members offered on-the-spot prayers for anyone who felt the need.

The prayers, of course, were free.

Debra Barber, who showed up using a walker, left with a trunk of free clothes.

After prayer she walked off without the walker; faith in place of fear.

"Oh no, I wouldn't even try it (walking without walker for the past year).  No way.  I'd be too scared of breaking my neck," she said.

"Love" was the movement.

It was absolutely free.

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