Homeowner upset with plumbing company paid for work not done

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A St. Louis woman wins in Small Claims court but she`s still waiting for the plumbing company to pay up. Bertha Smith says her basement is dry now.  But last winter she spent over a week trying to keep water away from her furnace and hot water tank.  It was taking a toll on her.  'I was so upset. All I wanted to do was get this thing taken care of. '

Then the St. Louis Water Division sent a notice indicating there was a leak on the service line between the curb and her house. That means the homeowner pays for repairs. She used the phone book to find a plumber. She chose Affordable St. Louis Plumbing.  'He came out and I took him downstairs.  Me and my husband showed him what the problem was. He said, well it`s the pipe still I couldn`t figure out what pipe he was talking about, because there wasn`t no pipe running along there.'

But the couple, desperate for a dry basement, signed a contract and made a down payment in the amount of one thousand five hundred seventy five dollars. It was cash. Weeks went by and no one showed up to work. Then the leak stopped.  By early June Bertha Smith went to Small Claims Court and she tells me the judge ruled in her favor. 'She asked me what happened and I told her I had called him over there to do a job but he didn`t do the job. And I want my money back. '

The addresses associated with the plumbing company were an Earth City Residence Inn and a vacant apartment. I reached one of the owners by phone who said he would check the record.  He never got back to me, but he told Ms. Smith he`d refund her money. The City of St. Louis Building Division says a permit was pulled. Now we`re waiting for confirmation that a leak was actually repaired. We`ll keep you posted.

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