The Doctor Is In: Importance of getting a Flu shot

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(KPLR)- It`s that time of year that people start talking about getting a Flu shot. BUT there are also a lot of people who start talking about why they`re not getting one.

In this week's "The Doctor is In" segment, Doctor Sonny Saggar from Saint Louis Urgent Care talks about influenza and the influenza vaccine.

According to Dr. Saggar, "It is scientifically impossible for the Flu shot to give you the Flu."

Injected flu vaccines only contain dead virus, and a dead virus is, well, dead: it cannot infect you. There is one type of live virus flu vaccine, the nasal vaccine, Flu Mist. But in this case, the virus is specially engineered to remove the parts of the virus that make people sick.

Experts say, despite the scientific impossibility of getting the flu from the flu vaccines, this widespread flu myth still won`t die. Experts suspect two reasons for its persistence.

  1. People mistake the side effects of the vaccine for flu. While side effects to the vaccine these days tend to be a sore arm, in the past, side effects often felt like mild symptoms of the flu.
  2. Flu season coincides with a time of year when bugs causing colds and other respiratory illnesses are in the air. Many people get the vaccine and then, within a few days, SOME will get sick no matter what, with an unrelated cold virus.

Dr. Sonny Saggar is a practicing Emergency Physician and Internist, and the founder of

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