Police bust college text book scheme

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) - Pricey college textbooks proved an attraction for one community college student, but not for the books’ contents.

A college senior faces jail time after police say he stole roughly two dozen textbooks from the campus bookstore where he worked.

St. Louis Community College Florissant Valley Police say 23 year-old Ollie Coleman gave the books, along with his student ID and debit card, to an acquaintance, who sold the books back to the store. Coleman admitted to the scheme, and said he planned to split the proceeds with this other person.

The book buy-back company got suspicious when more than $6,000 worth of transactions led back to Coleman’s student ID card.

Bookstore employees tell FOX 2 they were shocked to hear of their coworker’s scheme since he seemed like such a nice person, and because they take such pride in their college community.

Students familiar with the senior also feel it’s a shame. Sophomore Shaquille Greene says, “I see him in the bookstore, and he also goes to open gym from time to time. He seems like the type of person that wouldn’t do anything like that, and it’s crazy that you’d risk your job for anything like that.”

“Very disappointed. Angry. I didn’t know that was going on, this is my school,” laments freshman Angel Williams.

Campus police say Coleman has not yet been taken into custody. As far as his accomplice is concerned, no word as to whether he’ll also face charges. According to a relative, Coleman is still enrolled at Florissant Valley, but no longer works at the campus bookstore.

The senior is now charged with Felony Stealing over $500.

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