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Student’s dream comes true of taking the ‘purr-fect’ yearbook picture

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(KPLR) – Yearbook photos are usually pretty predictable, right?  Everyone gets a nice looking but generic pose with a pretty standard color background.

But, according to The Daily Gazette, New York high school senior, Draven Rodriguez, wanted his yearbook picture to be ‘purr-fect’ – the way he’s been dreaming of since his junior year.

Rodriguez did not want the generic yearbook picture, he wanted his to stand out and show his personality.  So he opted for a photo with his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, that’s straight out of the 70s 80s.

He told The Gazette he’s  “a little out there and a little tongue-in-cheek,” he said. “Cats and lasers . . . sarcastic. It’s so outlandish and ridiculous.”

He playfully cuddles the feline while wearing a suit, surrounded by laser beams.

School administrators told The Daily Gazette that the photo will not be included in the portraits section, but “there are other places in the yearbook where those photos can be placed.”

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