Ferguson residents work for healing

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) - Members of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church met for a parish dinner Saturday night eager to find ways to help their hurting community begin to heal. Jan Nelke spoke fondly of her hometown of Ferguson and the racial harmony she believes exists there. She described community activities available to everyone. Nelke complained the media has vilified her town’s name unfairly.

Parish priest Father Robert Rosebrough described the shots fired Saturday as comparable to an aftershock following an earthquake. “It’s very isolated, but at the same time it shakes people up,” he said. He said he told his church members to respond to the brokenness in the town with courage and confidence as Jesus did.

Sunday, September 7 a free “Concert for Peace and Unity” will be held outdoors at the Ferguson Heights Church of Christ at 1239 N. Elizabeth. Ferguson resident and soul singer Brian Owens will be featured along with members of the St. Louis Symphony and other performers. The program will support the Ferguson Youth Initiative, a charity that works with teenagers.

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