St. Charles bans texting while driving for all ages

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(KTVI)- You better put your phone down if you drive in St. Charles. On Tuesday night the St. Charles city council voted to prohibit
texting while driving for all ages.

The bill passed overwhelmingly nine to one and will go into effect as soon as it is signed by Mayor Sally Faith.
Our partners at the Post-Dispatch are reporting that Faith will sign the ordinance.

The ordinance that will prohibit texting and driving regardless of the driver`s age is stiffer than the current Missouri state law.
The state law bans texting and driving if you`re under 21.

St. Charles will join other local municipalities including Kirkwood and Manchester which also have local texting bans.

The Post reports that the ordinance would only apply to streets which are 'exclusively' under the city of St. Charles` jurisdiction. Roads which are in the city but are maintained by the state are exempt. Those include  I-70, highways Route 370 and Route 364 and part of highway I-94.

The bill`s sponsor, council member Ron Stivison says the ordinance is all about safety.

St. Charles police chief Randy McKinley told the post that while he supports the goal of banning texting while driving, this ordinance will be hard to enforce.

McKinley says it will be difficult to tell if a driver is dialing, sending an email or texting on a cell phone.