Madden 15 NFL shrinks St. Louis player to tiny size

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - He's a wee tiny titan.

'I'm 6'2" in person,' says Christian Kirksey, also known as the Tiny Titan.

But in the Madden 15 video game, Christian Kirksey has been turned into a Lilliputian linebacker, standing just one foot two inches tall.

'Christian Kirksey is an outstanding kid,' says Eric Brown, Kirksey`s former coach.  'He`s a stellar kid, a model Spartan as we would say around here.  He exemplifies all the things we want to have in our quality kids.'

Before his pixilated playing days, the miniscule Missourian played here at Hazelwood East and helped his Spartans win the state championship in 2008.

'Since he was a freshman I kind of knew Christian was really special type of person and he's a really good kid,' says Linwood Barnes, an assistant football coach who remembers Christian.

Kirksey stands six foot two and weighs 235, not less than three pounds and fourteen inches high.

'When I first saw it I thought it was pretty funny,' says Kirksey.  'I basically just elevate in the air.'

Most recently Kirksey had a stellar game when his Cleveland Browns beat the Rams.

'Would you rather face a 6'2" Christian or six 14 inch tall Christians?' asks Patrick Clark.

'Well you know what, I think you're going to run into the same trouble,' laughs Brown.   'You're going to run into a player that's got a lot of heart and everything he's got.'

And that's no small feat, unless you're playing video games, that is.

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