Video: Getting stunned for art

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Charleston photographer Patrick Hall recruited 80 participants willing to be stun gunned. Their friends were the ones pulling the trigger.  At the very moment they were shocked, he shot slow motion video and stills.

The photo shoot participants partially disrobed so the photos would be clean, no distractions. Even the photographer himself got shocked. He recruited people on Facebook , by word of mouth, and using flyers. Everyone had to sign a waiver.

“There’s no way you can fake your emotions and expressions when you get hit with 300,000 volts of electricity.” said photographer Patrick Hall.

Most of the zappers seemed to enjoy inflicting a little pain. They were friends or significant others, though one couple was out on their first date, talk about a connection. Some of those being zapped looked like they were in pain, while others laughed and even looked orgasmic.

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