Who will pick-up the cost for unrest in Ferguson?

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) – Investigator Elliott Davis digs into the cost of the Crisis in Ferguson.

According to St Louis County Chief Operations Officer Garry Earls the final price tag could be  as high as $6 million dollars.

He says the cost of the county police alone may come to around $1.4 million bucks.

At the height of the chaos there were 250 county officers stationed in Ferguson to deal with the unrest.

Then add in the cost of the state police and National Guard.

Plus incidentals like damaged or destroyed police vehicles, fuel, cost of jailing those arrested.

Earls says Ferguson alone could end up with a bill of between a half million and a million dollars.

On top of that Ferguson has to deal with the cost of lost sales tax money as a result of looted and vandalized businesses that had to close temporarily or permanently.

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