Storm damages parts of central St. Louis County

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – There was lots of damage caused by Monday's late afternoon summer storm. Not long after the storm rolled through the St. Louis area crews in Clayton were busy cutting up downed trees and tree limbs.  Carla Rybeck lives a few blocks away in University City.  She said, "It was horrible you couldn't see a thing."

Big pieces of timber covered the property in front of her apartment building.  Rybeck added, "Then all of a sudden it looked like the top of the tree came up and landed in the front yard and there we were."

Streets were blocked and power was knocked out to many homeowners.  In Kirkwood one man was lucky to be alive.  A huge limb fell on top of his pickup while he was still inside.  Neighbor Matt Rose heard the crash but wasn't sure what it was.  Rose said, "I heard the crack and some metal bang and I figured someone's patio furniture was getting taken out I didn't realize it was the tree right next to me."

He said the pickup driver was able to crawl out under his own power but to be safe he went to the hospital to have a scratch on his head examined. It's a storm people won't soon forget.  Rybeck said, "It was scary and I screamed."

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