Man dressed as woman robs Walgreens on Kirkwood Road

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KIRKWOOD, MO (KPLR) – Two of the three men arrested in the robbery of a Kirkwood Walgreens have now been charged, and police say they’ve been connected to at least one other robbery.  The Kirkwood case, which happened early Wednesday morning, involved one of the suspects entering the store in drag.

Police say the man in the wig and dress is actually Jevon Clark, 18, of Spruce St. in St. Louis.  They say Clark entered the store in a dress, pulled a gun on the manager, then led him and an employee around the store, taking cash from registers.   It was the disguise that stood out to Kirkwood Police Chief Jack Plummer.

“You think you’ve probably seen a lot of things in life, then you see that and you realize there’s probably some you haven’t.  It was ridiculous but effective,” Plummer said.

While Clark did a good job concealing his identity, his getaway car driver did not.  He was driving an ‘80’s model Crown Victoria that simply looked out of place.  Plummer says an officer had noticed it earlier.

“(He) had seen a vehicle that seemed to be wandering aimlessly as I would say.  Then he got the call about the robbery and located the car and tried to stop it and the car fled.”

The chase went up Kirkwood Rd., through some side streets, then on to Manchester all the way into Rock Hill.  There the suspect vehicle blew a tire and crashed.  Clark was arrested along with Quintez Taylor, 38, of Natural Bridge in St. Louis.  A third man was also detained.

Plummer says the two were quickly tied to another robbery which happened in Rock Hill.  Someone had been injured in that one, he says.

“They struck a witness with their vehicle.  At least two of these people have long criminal records and they’re a danger to everyone out there.”

Neighbors of the store in Kirkwood were appreciative of the quick police work, but couldn’t stop wondering about wearing a dress to perform a robbery.

“You’re gonna remember that,” Phyllis Jenkins told us. “And you’re gonna know, because men don’t make good women!”

Chief Plummer says it took less than twelve hours to connect the suspects to that Rock Hill robbery, and he suspects they’ll be linked to more crimes as their information is shared with other police departments.