Peaceful march held in Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) - A march for peace stayed peaceful Tuesday night in Ferguson, although one man was arrested.  Officials say there are fewer officers at the command post and those numbers will continue to drop as peace continues to take hold in the community.

Joseph Anderson is the President of 100 Black Men.  His group led the march, "We want to encourage the community to stay engaged to stay involved we want to increase voter registration we want to increase citizen involvement in the social and political areas of Ferguson."

A late afternoon storm may have scared people off from taking part. Still about 100 marchers paraded down Chambers and onto West Florissant and then back to where they started.  A number of groups joined in the demonstration.

Some people carried signs with the word "peace" on it. In some cases parents brought their children to take part, including Margaret Morrow, "We just want peace and you know we don't want the violence and all of that this is a peaceful march."

Emily Davis brought her three children, "It's important for us that this changes and everybody feels included and part of our community."

Donald Gage, a marcher, added, "The family just buried their son yesterday we want to let them know we haven't forgotten about that it's going to be a long road."

Police said one man was arrested for carrying a concealed gun and he didn't have the permit.

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