Michael Brown protesters move to downtown St. Louis

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Chanting, 'move cops, get out of the way,' a small group of protesters pushed past federal security guards on the steps of the Eagleton Courthouse in downtown St. Louis Tuesday, demanding a meeting with the local U.S. Attorney about the Michael Brown Case.

A group of about 100 rallied first at St. Louis City Hall before walking two blocks to the federal court house.

After standing outside the courthouse for a few minutes, several members of the crowd bolted up the stairs past the federal guards and St. Louis police officers who had been holding them back to the sidewalk.

But instead of arresting them, the police agreed to allow eight to go into the building to see if they could get a meeting with U.S Attorney Richard Callahan.

And they were successful, speaking with him for about an hour, demanding among other things that the U.S. Department of Justice start a nationwide investigation into allegations of police brutality.  They also want all police to be required to wear front facing cameras while on duty.

'(The Department of Justice is) actually going to be back here in what he said was about two weeks, and that he was going to raise each one of our demands directly with (Eric) Holder,' said Montague Simmons, from the Organization for Black Struggle.'

'That does not end our fight that does not end our mission. He heard us once because we stayed in the streets,' Simmons said.

The group is also demanding the City of St. Louis provide civilian review of all police shootings and the immediate release of protesters still in jail following last week`s arrests.

The group behind that rally is actually an amalgamation of several groups now operating under the banner, 'Hands Up United,' which claims it has a meeting with a member of the Obama administration set for Thursday so they can present the White House with 600,000 signatures from an online petition listing those same demands.

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