Alleged audio of Michael Brown shooting released

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FERGUSON (KPLR)- An audio recording that allegedly captures the gunshots that killed Michael Brown has been released to CNN.

On the tape is the voice of a  Ferguson man talking during a video chat. In the background you can hear what sounds like several gunshots, a pause and then several more gunshots. It’s important to point out that we have not been able to verify its authenticity.

The shooting death of Brown, at the hands of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, sparked nightly protests and several clashes with law enforcement.

Tear gas and riot gear were used to control protesters more than once. Now the black lawyers for justice are set to file a $200 million class action lawsuit against the st. Louis county and Ferguson police departments and the mayor of Ferguson.

According to the black lawyers for justice several protesters were hurt during the clashes with law enforcement.

A press conference about the lawsuit is set for 1:00 p.m. Tuesday at the U.S. District court building in St. Louis.