Alert firefighter saves popular bar

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) – “Friday’s South” a popular bar in Belleville nearly went up in flames Tuesday morning at 8: 30 am. Doug Kramer who’s a Belleville firefighter was driving to training class and saw the smoke. Kramer circled the building, saw that there were no cars, got out of his truck and looked inside the windows and saw a fire.

After making sure no one was inside, Kramer didn’t call 911 he hopped back in his truck and drove to the fire station which was a few blocks down. After he told his colleagues about the fire a fire truck was on the scene in one minute.

Belleville's fire Chief Tom Pour says he is proud that Kramer made a great decision, but he urges that if you do see a fire call 911. This was a rare case, but apparently not for Kramer. He’s been a firefighter for 5 years now, but before he was hired he witnessed a fire at a golf shop and had to pull out a couple of people out of the store. That’s when he said he knew what he wanted to do for sure.