Peaceful protests: No arrests in Ferguson overnight

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) - A very important first in Ferguson. In the wake of the deadly police shooting of un-armed teenager, Michael Brown: a night not only free of violence but free of arrests. Last week looting was happening on West Florissant. Merchants were out with assault rifles trying to guard their stores.

Friday night was a much different picture. Protestors continued to march into the night as they have every night since the day after Brown was killed. That shooting by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson happened two weeks today. Since the demonstrations began that Sunday there had been arrests every night, armored vehicles charging down the street. But that seems to have waned. After 47 arrests Tuesday night, the number dropped into the single digits Wednesday and Thursday. Last night there was zero. Not a single person went to jail. No tear gas, no pepper spray, nothing but peaceful protest. Police call it a sign that -quote-good things are happening in Ferguson.

"Throughout the evening we had a few groups of 20-30 protestors marching and chanting, freely expressing themselves. At about 10:40pm a group of protestors marched in the middle of West Florissant. They were asked to move to the sidewalk and that's what they did." said Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol. "I observe very little tension on the streets tonight. Instead I continue to see more and more citizens and police officers making eye contact, smiling at one another and shaking hands. Good things happen when people calmly interact, and that is what's happening."

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