ALS Ice Bucket Challenge sweeping the nation

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(KTVi)--  It`s the sensation dumping icy cold water across the nation. But when will the ice bucket challenge reach its Pike`s Peak?

"Well we keep thinking it`s probably going to die after Friday and we`ve said that now for three weeks now," says Maureen Barber Hill, the President and CEO of the St. Louis Regional ALS Chapter.

The challenge encourages a donation of $100 or dump an ice cold bucket of water on your head and a donate $10.
The money goes to fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig`s disease.

"Yesterday was a huge day, about an $8 million day," says Barber Hill.  "We`ve reached the $41.8 million mark across the country."

That includes 38 chapters and the national organization.
Other charities are trying to accept the challenge to come up with creative ways of fundraising.

"Social media has changed the game," says April Dzubic, the senior director of community engagement for the American Cancer Society.  "We have apps.  We have apps for our events.  You can register online or fundraiser all connected through social media.  So you have to change what you`re doing to keep up."

The American Cancer Society`s annual making strides against breast cancer walk and 5k run October 25th is using social media to help bring in that tide of good will from donors.

"We`re constantly fundraising," says Barber Hill.  "So for this to have taken off the way it has across the country.  This is a game changer for us."

In fundraising, every little drop counts.

Saturday is the ALS Memorial golf tournament at Probstein Golf Course in Forest Park.

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October 25th is the American Cancer Society`s Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk and fun run.

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