Nelly speaks to protesters in Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) – As the turmoil in Ferguson enters its 10th day and businesses along West Florissant Avenue are picking up from another night of looting following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. The landscape for protestors has dramatically changed.

Demonstrators were informed Monday that they will no longer be able to march on West Florissant, stand in the turning lane and must keep moving during rallies. Protesters will also no longer be permitted to gather at the burned out QuikTrip on West Florissant which has become ground zero for protesters.

Governor Jay Nixon ordered the Missouri National Guard was deployed to help law enforcement officials regain control over West Florissant Avenue and protesters at night.

The guard will handle security at the police command center, freeing up more police for protection of property and crowd control on West Florissant.

On a side note rap star and St. Louis native Nelly showed up in Ferguson late Monday afternoon to see what was happening on West Florissant for himself.

Nelly recently announced that he had set-up a scholarship fund in Michael Brow’s name.

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