Police moving protesters from burned QuikTrip; arrests made

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) - Soon after we got here at noon police were lined up in front of the burned out QuikTrip.  It is no longer a gathering point and anyone who doesn't keep it moving, gets arrested.

Law enforcement made it clear they did not want anyone congregating on the sidewalks, near businesses or the burned out gas station lot.  It`s clear that local protestors and civil rights activist Jessie Jackson were all directed  away from West Florrisant and Canfield drive.

Protester Cassandra Hill brought her four children to peacefully protest since there`s no class at their school nearby.

"If you stand still, they`re going to arrest you. You have to keep walking." said Cassandra Hill.

"This kind of suppression will create defiance.  People are going to march.  It may end up filling up jails but people are going to march.    People are not going to go away." said Jesse Jackson.

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