New answers about the death of Michael Brown

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) – New answers came today from forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden.  But those answers were followed by a conflict between the opinions of two highly respected Medical Examiners.

In a news conference this morning, Dr. Baden said all shots fired at Brown appear to have come while Brown was facing the officer.   Three of those shots bring additional questions.

Dr. Baden`s assistant, Professor Shawn Parcells, explained how two of the shots are graze wounds.  He described one graze wound to the middle, interior portion of the right arm and another near the palm of the right hand (between the thumb and pointer finger).  These wounds leave questions about the position of Brown`s arms.  Professor Parcells said, 'The arm is very mobile. It could have occurred when he was putting the hands up or it could have come in a defensive position.'  Parcells added, 'We cannot speculate the exact order of gunshot wounds, but the two gunshot wounds to the head.. indicate Mr. Brown was bending over.'

Parcells explained the body has more injuries than there were gunshots because one bullet exited and re-entered Brown`s body.

Dr. Michael Baden added, 'He could have survived all of these gunshots wounds except for the one to the top of the head.'

That conflicts with what St. Louis County Medical Examiner Dr. Mary Case`s office reported after the news conference.   The official cause of death from the first autopsy is 'gunshot wounds to the head and chest.'  The office declined to answer questions about whether it agrees the injuries to brown`s arm are graze wounds from a bullet.  The office also won`t report what it believes to be the total number of shots to Brown`s body.

Now the Feds will conduct a third autopsy, which is virtually unprecedented according to Dr. Baden.  He explained, 'Rarely, never has the President of the United States gotten involved, except with Charles Manson, and you guys weren`t born, but not in a civil rights way.'

Dr. Baden complimented St. Louis County`s Medical Examiner Dr. Mary Case.  He will be consulting with Dr. Case to finish his autopsy report.  He said it`s not Dr. Case`s decision to withhold findings.  Dr. Baden said it`s not unusual for prosecutors to withhold facts, but he challenged that action.  Dr Baden said he believes it can defuse a lot of emotions to tell the family some early facts, such as the number of shots and whether the victim suffered.

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