Exclusive: Forensic Pathologist explains how Michael Brown died

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Professor Shawn Parcells is a forensic pathologist assistant and medical investigator from Kansas City. He explained to the world how 18 year old Michael Brown died.

Parcells was hired by the Brown family's attorneys. But, he says he motivated by a quest for the truth for loved ones who have been left with only the revolting image of a bullet-riddled body left lying in the street.

"The Brown family has been left out in the dark.  At the end of the day, they've been left out in the dark." said Shawn Parcells.

He says that officer shot Brown from a distance beyond, "close range" or 1-2 feet; the bullets striking brown from the front.

"If you put your hands up like this your trying to block yourself, it could come from the front.  You put your hands up like this it could also come from the front." said Shawn Parcells.

He says two shots to the head were the last to hit Brown, the one to the top of the head killed him.

"These two definitely, for sure, were the last two shots to hit him and occurred as he's falling face first toward the ground."

Falling, not charging the police officer?

"We've got to collaborate that.  If he's charging the police officer and he's really got his head down at a really good angle,that could be consistent with what we saw." said Shawn Parcells. "There was no pain and suffering.  The gunshot to head would immediately stop any of us and cause death."

Parcells says he and Dr. Baden want to conduct what he called an 'autopsy' of the officer's vechile and brown's shirt.  He wants to look for the presence of gun-shot residue which may tell us more a lot more regarding the police assertion that brown 'charged' the officer, before the officer opened fire.

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