Zisser Tire owner despondent over looting of store

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) – The day after Sunday’s looting in Ferguson, between 16 and 20 businesses are clean up Monday from the aftermath of Sunday’s looting of stores. Looters broke into stores over a 5 mile radius along West Florissant that lasted till 2 am.

One of the businesses hit was Zisser Tire located in Dellwood in the 9900 block of West Florissant. Video shot by FOX2 showed looters going into the store and carrying out tire rims, tires and other items.

The owner of the store was saddened by last night’s looting and that people targeted their store after so many years of working closely with Ferguson residents.

But there is bright spot in last night’s looting; some people seen in the store were actually customers who had driven to the store to get their vehicle before they were vandalized. Monday morning most of those customers had brought their vehicle back to Zisser for service.

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  • Disappointed in Media and Society

    First of all, the editing in the last paragraph is horrendous, as is in most of the articles posted from news sources today. Just because you post through social media does not mean you no longer need to use basic English skills. Second of all, being able to identify looters because they’re stupid enough to go back to the scene of the crime is not a “bright spot in last night’s looting.” There is nothing positive about criminal activity. It just further proves that most criminals are stupid.

    • R

      I think what they mean is those regulars picked up their personal vehicles from the shop so those vehicles did not get damaged from protesters. They came back to get their scheduled work done anyway. Meaning the business still had some income coming in Monday morning despite the vandals.
      At least that’s what I am gathering with what faith I have left in humanity.

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